Tuning VFO and Display,

Here some text from the manual with some extra info and video to tune the SSBTRX-II transceiver.

Tuning the DVM goes as follows.

First turn the tuning potmeter to the left and tune the DVM with P4 on the display on -10.
Then turn the tuning potmeter to the far right and tune the DVM with the potmeter on the DVM on the display on +110.
This are the adjustments of my own SSBTRX-II

Far left

Far right

Now tune the DVM on 50 and adjust with P3 the frequentie on 10,195 MHz. You can measur this with a counter, you also can measure 195 KHz on the transistor T3,
on this transceiver i adjust the 50 on the DVM on 10.197 Mhz.

Now adjust the VCO with the trimmer on 5 Volt, This is the center of the VCO.

It is important that we get a Span of 100 Hz between the 0,0 on the DVM and 100,0 on the DVM, you can measure this on the mesurementpoint.

And then to 100,0

Adjust the DVM on 100 and adjust the frequenty on 10,145 MHz with P3. ( On this TRX 10,147) ..




Now when you are going to listen to the stations you probably wil notice that you are a bit of frequency.
The operators doesn't sound very natural !
How to solve this :
First ask the operator wich frequency he is working on accectly and then tune your display on that frequency, probably his modulation is not that good at the moment.
Now you can adjust P3 till it sounds good with the display on the right frequency..
Check it out on the video, There were some German station on 3670 Mhz with a good signal .
Sorry for the shaking video i was trimming and making the movie on the same time.

Just some placeholder content. Edit the module to change it.

The manual also describes another way to adjust the display. (zero beat) You can do this on with the public stations in the evening on the 40 mete band 7,1 Mhz.. I also made a video of this methode.

After adjusting the transceiver i can tune in on the right frequency. Now you can listen to some dutch stations making QSO.on the next video.

When you know a better way to tune this transceiver !! please let me know !!