Power Amplifier 100 Watt

Because the first Amp has a heating problem I am trying a new mechanical design.
With the cooling material wich I get from PA1CHY (Peter)

Heatsink 10x16 cm.

Big temperature regulated Fan. Mounted on heatsink.

( 2006-12-02 ) With a PCB designing software I createted a new design and with the help of Peter 
we made the next PCB. The PCB is mounted on the heatsink

The first components mounted.

( 2006-12-10 ) Replacing components from old to new PA

( 2007-01-09 )

( 2007-01-09 )

( 2007-01-09 ) Coax connected.

( 2007-01-09 ) Just to see how it looks when its closed.

( 2007-01-09 ) Everything is in place, 50 volt connected and al transistors (IRF 730) Mounted. see below.

( 2007-01-09 ) Transistor pressure system with teflon insulation.

( 2007-01-09 ) Problem with connection BIAS trimmer, going to change design for mounting trimmers.

New trimmer design, not so nice but stable.

It works !! 100 Watt, and about 4 amp. by 50 Volt. 
The cooling works perfectly.

Now going to work on next design, to make it better.