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Homebrew Endfed antenna:

First I have construct a 1/2 wave endfed for 80 and 40 meter with a trap in the wire, worked fine but as we all know the bandwith was a little small on 80 meter.

So that's why a want to try out 4 parallel wires, each for his own band. With succes but each time i want to switch band i must go outside to switch the antenna wire. After a week i get the idea to make a switch box with relais to change the wires from a distance.

The result was that i had a 1/2 wave endfed for 20, 30, 40 and 80 meter, and the 80 meter antenna is used by switching the relais as a 1/4 wave endfed for 160 meter. The wire is a little to short for 160 meter but i fixed this problem with a little coil.

Antenna switch box: