USB Lite Xtall V 9.0

Because i was building the BPF i had to test it with some power on the board, so thats why ik build the power stage on the PCB.


The rest of the board will be made on the club.

And indeed i dit finish it on the club but i forgot to make some pictures, so you can see the results of one evening solder smoke.


Detail of the USB control.

Building the peaces together !

I put the SDR in a little alu box and made some connections to the out-side.

I also add some leds to check the power (red) and the USB connection (green).

And for switching the bands if there is no USB control I add two switches on the outside to control the BPF bye hand.

When there is no USB connection you can changed the Band Pass Filter manualy.

Now i am searching for software who can manage the sdr, I find some software and tested the SDR.

With a good result, now i must find the right software who can do the job. If you now the right software, please let me know.

come back later.