SDR Band Pass Filter

I lost one cap, it shoots away when i was opening the strip, i never found it again. The components are very small HI.

The first part is: 

HF BPF 01_Busses and Rails.

Results of testing this stage !

This first stage is compleet !

I don't test the switches IC's, on this moment, because of the possible static discharge. I wait with the test after all the other stages are compleet.

T1 is already on the board, and just finished the primary winding of T2
Finished T2.
T2 is mounted on the board.

Now testing this stage.

Here I make a combination test of the switches and transformers.

It looks good, so this stage is finished.

Band 1 : 1.8 - 4 Mhz

The ceramic capacitors are on the pcb.
Winding the first coil, 71 turns, this way i keep track on the windings.

Band 1 is finished, started on Band 2. I must wind some coils first.

After winding all the coils i tested and measured all the coils with an L-C meter on the club ( thanx Edwin ) and finished the BPF PCB.

So this BPF is finished and on the left site you see the connecting wires to the USB connector.